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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Men Only -5 things to Consider before dating a woman who like being Single

   -5 things to Consider before dating a woman who like being Single

   -Guys if you have made up your mind in dating such a lady. Then you will need to know some things at the back of your mind.


  Staying single is a matter of choice. For most ladies, they prefer it that way.
  She is also surrounded by men who know her confidence is the sexiest thing ever. If you are a guy and you’re willing to date such a woman, here are a few things you should keep in mind.
Inspired by life hack here are 5 things to consider before dating a woman who like being single.

1. She isn't looking for a handbag but a partner
She doesn't need to be smothered. You should be able to push and inspire her instead.

2. Her heart may have been broken recently
She’ll be extra sensitive and is prepared to walk away.

3. She likes her freedom too well
Asking permission to do everything is part of what she signed up for.

4. It’s all or nothing for her
She will never settle for less in romantic relationships. She’s giving all the love she has to everyone around her and her last relationship doesn't define her at all.

5. She knows what she wants
She’s not ready to play the mommy role for partner which means she bears no responsibility except that of a lover. She’s self-aware and isn’t into trial and error which means she knows how she likes her man.