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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Healthy Eating- The 8 Commandments of Eating Clean


 Healthy eating which amounts to foods in their natural form or close to it, cooked meals. It is not a diet, it is rather a lifestyle, a discipline, which in more ways than you can imagine, makes you live a healthier life. For you to truly take up such a lifestyle you’ll have to adhere these commandments I’ve prepared for you.

1.Avoid processed and packaged food:
Processed foods are the refined versions of the original form. Either one sweetener or the other is added or something is subtracted, or preservatives are introduced to make it last longer. Fact is, with all these additions and subtractions you cannot get the best out of such foods. What’s more, consumption of processed foods regularly are not good for the health. Clean eating demands you take a hike from junk related meals and stick to what nature has to offer. Man-made modifications vis-a-vis foods cannot compare to what real foods have in store for you. There are benefits of processing foods which appeal to people, but fresh food is still better. Only take processed foods in limited quantity, and not all the time.

2.Cut down on sugar and sweetened foods:
Sugar is a friendly enemy. To your taste buds it is a friend but to your overall well-being, an enemy soldier. In as much as this is the case, do no totally avoid every form of sugar, it is vital to the human body; just take them in lesser quantities. Processed foods are mostly guilty of either having sugar in excess or lesser quantities. Ensure that before you consume any canned or bagged or packaged meal you check the percentage of sugar that has been added or subtracted. Don’t go around wolfing down every single appealing packaged meal you see. Why? They spell danger!

3.Eat real food: 
With real foods you know what to expect. The contents of vegetables does not change overnight and neither does whole grains. Though it takes a longer time to prepare, it is worth it. After all, good things are not expected to come easy, are they? More importantly, as a woman it behoves you to not only learn the art of cooking good meals but also cooking them regularly. Surely, you wouldn’t like to feed your children junk, not to talk of your husband who has just recently given up that life that being a bachelor readily accommodates.  For instance, make a preference for fresh tomatoes and not tomato paste.

4.Avoid fats:
Fat is another nutrient that can be altered in processed foods. If you are looking to lose weight you have no business eating products that contain it in excess. All your efforts to shed that weight would be a joke. Well, the two types of fat to completely stay aloof of are trans and saturated fat. These two have been known to reduce the level of good cholesterol in the body (HDL) and raise that of the bad one (LDL). They can cause heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes etc. Fried foods, fast foods, snack foods, and even junks and processed foods support these types of fat. So you have to cut down on how much you consume these; and also check how much of it is specified on packaged containers. All ye lovers of puff puff, fried yams, doughnuts, and all kinds of ‘rolls’, moderation is key.

5.Cook and eat at home:
So far we have placed cooking fresh meals on a high pedestal, which it deserves. No doubt, however, cooking is another form of processing fresh products but it is a good one because it adds more benefits than it subtracts. And it is perfectly healthy. What’s more, you get to spend time with your family. It is a time to bond. While you all wait for dinner to be ready, an interesting conversation about how each person’s day went would be a nice start. On the flip side, if you came in with fast foods, dinner would be served almost immediately. After which the next thing would be to get ready for bed. So you see, cooking your meals at home not only makes your family healthier, it gives room for bonding.

6.Limit alcohol and caffeine: 
These do not feature in clean eating. Don’t forget that the purpose of clean eating is healthy living and so, anything that may impede that goal should be abstained from. Why take Caffeine and Alcohol when water, unsweetened tea, fresh juice, are better alternatives. It would be out of place to mix a cooked meal with two bottles of an alcoholic drink. It is like merging light and darkness, it can’t work. If you want to eat clean you’ve got to do it totally, no holding back, no compromise. Alcohol and Caffeine are good once in a while but not every time.

7.Stay hydrated: 
The cleanest liquid you can ever think of. It is natural and fraught with many health benefits. You’ll be amazed to know that some people eat without drinking water. It is wrong and dangerous. Water aids digestion and makes the process of eating seem less. Water is the oil that keeps your organic wheels rolling. Take this under advisement even though it may sound absurd: drink water for no reason. Well, there are reasons you should but you don’t need to know them all. All you need to know is, without it you are in ‘soup’ or things may go south.

8.Learn portion control:
Nothing beats eating right and in the right amount. You can call this balanced diet. Ensure that all classes of food are adequately represented in your meals. People suffering from certain conditions may need to completely stay away from certain nutrients or just cut down on them. Even those making attempts at weight loss. At every point in time, always know what you need. You can create a food calendar and use a guide to organize your meals to determine how much of this and that would be consumed, and at what time. Portion control keeps you in line and in the long run…keeps you healthy. It is like financial budgeting. You can hardly stray when there is a pre-determined course.