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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Couples Only - 4 Ultimate Habits of An Effective Couple

                                           4 Ultimate Habits of An Effective Couples


Habits are part of your daily routine, you don’t think much about it before doing it.

Habits could either be good or bad but we’ll restrict ourselves to the good habits that couples should thrive on. Bad habits that do not add much or any value seem harder to let go whereas good habits demands a lot of work but yield great results.

When couples decide to spend the rest of their lives together, they do not realize how much baggage they have on till they move in. A large chunk of that baggage is good habits as well as bad. After a few months, they start rubbing off on each other, you either decide which habits are acceptable or not and this would often lead to conflicts.

To have an effective relationship and stay together happily as a couple, one must begin to adapt a few good habits to replace the bad ones and improve on the good. It’s never too late to learn a good habit; you might be seven weeks into your marriage, seven years struggling on or even about to celebrate your seventeenth anniversary. All you need is a willing heart, a consistent attitude and a positive outlook to make it happen.

See below 4 Ultimate Habits of An Effective Couples as Inspired by diamond woman -

1.They are Connect Physically-
You can’t be married and stay isolated; you need a physical connection every day. I’m sure the first thing that comes to your mind is sex. Yes that’s good, whether scheduled or spontaneous; a good dose of it does the relationship much good. However, you can still have a physical connection asides from sex. Couples who have a good relationship spend time talking every time they get the opportunity to, they hold hands while taking a walk, also kiss deeply and keep an eye contact whenever they’re close. They keep in touch throughout the day. Not necessarily checking on each other as a duty but keeping that connection alive – ‘’I’m ok, hope you’re ok too’’. You know all isn’t well in your relationship when you aren’t doing any of this and do all you can to avoid your partner.

2.They are Connected Spiritually -
When ‘love’ fails, what do you fall back on? Your spirits need to be connected. Simple habits like praying together is important. In every relationship, one person is usually more spiritual than the other but that shouldn’t make anyone inferior or superior. As a team, you recognize the need to complement one another. Life throws challenges at you and you need to stay connected spiritually to weather the stormy days. If one seems to give up, the other will offer hope pending when there’s a silver lining.

3.They are Connected Emotionally-
 If you are uncomfortable doing this or concerned you might be judged, then, there’s a big issue that needs to be resolved. Some couples are so close, like ‘twins’, they are able to tell if the other isn’t okay or if something is going wrong. That’s a soul connection. After all, you supposed to be soul mates and not just room mates. Some couples feel comfortable sharing their fears with their parents or even girlfriends instead of their spouses, then you wonder why they got married. Getting married is a risk and you have to continue taking that risk of letting your guards down with this person hoping things will turn out well.

4.They Share the same Passion -
Besides being physically and spiritually connected, couples need to share a passion. It must be something that you both enjoy and keeps you busy together. You both must be looking forward to it. It could be a game of tennis every Thursday night or helping less privileged children in the suburbs around where you live. It must occupy your time and yield great results. With our busy schedules and frenetic pace of life, you both need to slow down and remind yourselves why you met and what you always wanted to achieve together. It’s tough as you get older especially with kids but still possible to be passionate for a cause.

You don’t have to endure your marriage, regretting or thinking about leaving some day. You can begin today, a small step at a time, picking up these good habits that will add value to you and make you more effective as a couple.