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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

7 ways to act when your man is paying for everything

7 ways to act when your man is paying for everything

 -Are you in a marriage whereby your husband is the one paying for almost everything?


 If you're reading this article, you might be uncomfortable with it for one reason or another. However, here are seven ways women should react or act when the boyfriend or husband decides to do all the offering in your relationship:

1. Offer to pay or split the bill.
Don't act condescending about it; just be bold enough to tell him you'd like to pay for yourself once in a while.

2.Offer to pay for one date and him another.
For example, he could pay for dinner one night you could pay for the cinemas tomorrow. This is a good way to evenly split the money without pride or feeling uncomfortable.

3.Assess how you really feel about him paying for everything
If you are in such a relationship, then you should ask yourself some questions:  Are you concerned that he's paying for everything when he doesn't have the money to? Does he feel obliged for some reason? Are you worried that sometimes you don't go on certain dates or vacations together because he doesn't have enough money to pay for both of you, and doesn't want you to pay anything? Does it also bother you when he refuses to let you pay for something, or even split the bill in half? Does he offer to pay because he thinks that you cannot afford to pay? OR Does he pay just to show off or brag about it?

4.Appreciate it if he offers to pay.
Don't let him do it all the time, but every once in a while is not too bad. Just appreciate the fact that you have a caring, loving boyfriend/husband who wants to treat you so nicely. Make sure you say 'thank you' when he does and offer so it doesn't sound like you are being cheeky. Try saying something like "Are you sure you want to get the big sized popcorn? It's a LOT!" and he may see he doesn't need to pay a lot for the two of you to have fun.

5. Return the favor.
If he pays for dinner, you could buy him something nice to say thank you for paying the bill. Ensure that he knows that the gesture is appreciated and he's not just doing it because he feels like he's obliged to.

6.Come up with dates that don't require a big spender.
 There are tons of fun, low key things you can do that aren't expensive for anyone like what we call "cheap dates". Instead of grabbing dinner at that fancy hotel restaurant, why not go to a local eatery or "bukka". It's cheaper yet good.

7.Enjoy it while it lasts!
If he keeps up with the solo spending, know he won't keep paying forever!!! So enjoy while he keeps offering.