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Sunday, 26 June 2016



We often encounter business opportunities  with mouthwatering financial benefits and returns that might be unrealistic which makes us loose our sense of judgment.

 To recognize investment fraud, watch out for these signs:
1. Lack of transparency. There should be clear exchange of relevant information and transparency between parties venturing into business. However, when when one of the parties is planning to cheat or dupe the other(s), they usually tend to hide beneficial details and are not being transparent. 

2.Violation of ethics.When professionals handle a project, they are skilled and ethical. But fraudulent people  usually pretend and jump set procedures because they perceive the process might jeopardize their plans.

3.Too many bluffs and unverifiable claims. Fraud perpetrators  often boast about things that are unverifiable in order to win your trust and compassion. They often share information that are not easy to verify.

4. Urgency for payment. People seeking to invest often realize that decision making takes time. Proper investigation, checks and balances normally precedes it. However, when dealing with fraudsters, they might be trying to push you to make spontaneous and unmeasured decisions. They usually give lots of pressure and urgency, particularly regarding the payment of money. You may realize they have more concern for money than adding value in the transaction itself.

5.It requires all of your savings. Any business venture you are being advised to put all your eggs or savings in one basket, is often times a fraud.  Genuine business persons understand the risk that lies in investing and know this is a risky action. Before you invest, do your proper research to ensure it is genuine and safe.

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