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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

3 Important ways to know that Special one for You

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3 Important ways to know that Special one for You!-

Can you identify that special one when she/s standing in front of You?

  Finding true love take time for some, while for others finds it without looking for it. its a beautiful thing when you find someone who loves you. but how do you go about it when searching for that special one?

1.Someone who Forgives You.
  Forgiveness is a key to an easy relationship. When your partner can easily let go of your wrongs and prefer to live in peace and/or stay happy with you, it helps your relationship grow into greener pastures. Storing anger and frustrations from your partner in your heart only destroys the love you both share with each other. It always ends badly if things are not resolved promptly.

2.Someone who always talks to you.
  Communication is vital to any relationship. Sharing feelings, thoughts or ideas with each other only helps you both to quickly identify the goods from the bad and easily settle issues to enjoy a blissful romance. Call, text, email, Skype each other during the day to make sure all is well. It builds trust and makes you feel special to each other.

3.Someone who can't live without you.
  This doesn't mean he/she wants to die if you die. This literally means without you, he/she feels like there's no life. He/she should breath life to you. Meaning his smile should cheer your bad day. Her call is always what you want to hear in the middle of a hectic day. Her ideas always make you proud amid friends. His look makes you forget about the crazy incident with the driver. He should be that person you want to wake up besides and make your day good even before it starts.