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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

10 Qualities of a Lovable Woman

Most marriages start out with lots of lovely feelings between the couple but over time these very strong emotions wane and the both parties begin to display their real behaviors.

 You may wonder how did two people who were head over heels each other a few months or years ago suddenly turn their backs on each other.

 Many women begin to take their spouses for granted, they also stop doing all the things they used to do before that kept their relationship going and wonder why their relationship has gone south. There’s no perfect marriage but you want to do all you can to stay loved and not be abandoned in the marriage.

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 Some men may not ask for a divorce but they will emotionally abandon their spouses or switch off from the relationship even though they may still share the same room and a few other privileges. Don’t expect much from the relationship if you aren’t doing your own part. It’s tough to stay lovable but it’s possible.
 If you want your Man to Love you then follow this simple Tips as inspired by diamond Woman .

1. Shower Him With Lots Of Affirmation: Most times we think we are the only ones who have the need for attention and to be loved, the guys too want you to cheer them on. A guy will love any woman who makes him feel special, so, besides your career and the kids, he wants you to have time for him. It’s hard work to keep pampering him every day, reminding him he’s a winner, sending those ‘love texts’ that get him fired up for his day at work. The once-a-while treats on his birthday, anniversary or other celebrations are great but it will be good to keep up with lots of affirmation for your man all year round.

2. Stay Attractive With A High Self-Esteem: No one is attracted to anyone with a low self-esteem. Some women stop being attractive after they move in with their spouse. ‘What’s the point’, they say, until another woman gets his attention. Staying attractive isn’t all about lots of make-up, nice clothes and shoes but a good dose of a charming spirit, being gentle, nice, engaging, friendly girl he met a few years ago. Everyone will love to be hanging out with someone like that. Low self-esteem also rubs off on the other person, you might notice he may withdraw wondering what has happened to you, so, get the spring back in your steps and bring a sparkle to your relationship.

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3. Be Submissive and Respectful: There’s been a lot of discussion on the word ‘submission’ in different circles today. Some women don’t even want to hear or discuss it. Today, women are now able to achieve a lot and even more than men and submission to a leadership you don’t respect might be rather tough. Whatever submission means to you, guys have a different definition and they know whether you are respectful or not. Guys have an ego and still want to be respected even when they are wrong. We always say we want to love our spouses and try our best to show it but guys process ‘love’ as ‘respect’. You can’t be respectful and not submissive. There’s a right balance and you need this to stay lovable and not drive him far away from you.

4. Don’t Put Financial Pressure On Him: Whether you earn your pay or not isn’t really as important as guys have an overwhelming burden to provide but no one wants the extra pressure added. Many women are also ungrateful and always complaining. If you don’t earn anything or not as much as you want, be content with whatever he gives you and explore other opportunities to make money on the sides. If you earn your cash, don’t spend it all on yourself and family, be responsible and pick up some bills from him. Expecting him to meet all your need financially may be tough and then conflicts may ensue.

5. Don’t Expect All Your Emotional Needs To Be Met By Him: Most women get married and months after they are very disappointed. They get married expecting this ‘imperfect’ Mr. Right to meet all their emotional needs and he can’t keep up and they conclude he doesn’t love them. If while growing up, your father didn’t give you the love you so craved for, when you get married, you’ll have high expectations from your spouse. On the other hand, if love wasn’t expressed to him in his childhood he will unfortunately not be able to meet your need either and you’ll become so needy while he withdraws. Don’t expect much from your spouse. Build other relationships with girlfriends and do what you enjoy both at work and as a hobby to stay happy.

6. Make Your Home a Haven of Peace and Warmth: When you visit some homes, even before a word is said you can feel the tension in the air, everyone is in edge and walking on egg shells. You can tell by the atmosphere once you walk in that all isn’t well. You don’t want that to be your home and no man will look forward to getting back to that kind home. Some guys work so late and claim they are very ‘busy’ at work, they want to come when everyone is almost dozing off in bed and not have to confront any issues especially if there’s an ongoing conflict or issues to be resolved.

7. Have A Heart That Fears God: Who doesn’t want to be married to a woman that fears God? Your spouse will be glad if he knows you are praying regularly for him and living life he can be proud of. It’s not about the profession that you are godly compared to showing by your actions and character what kind of heart you’ve got. Even if your spouse doesn’t share your faith or if he isn’t as spiritually mature as you want, you can still be warm, kind and gentle while being an example by your deeds. He will even be put off when all you do is go to church, attend all the women conferences and retreats locally and internationally but none of those have rubbed off on you as your real self isn’t reflecting all you know and continue to learn.

8. Enjoy His Passions: If you are not a fan of football or car racing but if these are your spouse’s pleasures, then be sure to show your support as often as you can. Many women have got their requests approved while cheering when their spouse’s team won. It’s so easy to forget that you are now a team and it’s no longer about you.

9. Make Him A Priority: A lot of women start making babies early on in the marriage and pour all their attention on their kids. There’s no harm doing that but if it’s at the expense of time with and for your spouse, then that’s a big issue. Kids have a way of changing the dynamics of the relationship but never forget after the kids grown and leave the house you both will be stuck together again. Have you noticed why older couples often ‘fall out of love’? Your guess is as good as mine, nothing really kept them together because while daddy was overwhelmed with work, mum was out and about with the kids.

10. Complement and Don’t Compete: When you agreed to get married, you promised to complement him so why all the competition and trying to prove your point? Think about it, if you hired someone to join your team, you have expectations but if the person starts to challenge everything you do and doesn’t follow the leadership or guidance you provide or comes up with an alternative plan each time, then it’s tough to keep that person on your payroll. It’s the same in marriage; you start out as his helpmate but end up competing and not complementing. That won’t make you the lovable n charming bride you said you’ll be.