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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Relationships -7 Excuses why Some Women are not in any Relationship

Relationships - 7 Excuses why Some Women are not in any Relationships

  Ladies who the society considers to be of age when it comes to marriage are often pressurized into getting married. Most of the ladies already know this and have series of excuses to give when the topic is brought up.


  Ladies who are single and not in any serious relationships are usually defensive; they are quick to bring up ridiculous excuses to justify their relationship status. Here are some of the excuses ladies come up with when asked why they are not in any relationship.
  See below 7 Excuses why Some Women are not in any Relationships-

1. I am taking my time
 A woman at thirty a woman who says she is taking her time is fooling no one. We understand the fact that there are lots of unserious guys out there who may want to take advantage of them or play with their emotions.
But saying this makes many people think the ladies are responsible for their status and that they are unwilling to go into a relationship whereas they pray and cry behind closed doors to be in a relationship.

2. All they want to do is have Fun
 So many ladies say they do not want to be in a relationship because the guys only want sex. 
A woman who thinks sex is the only thing a man wants from her is shallow minded; this is because she feels the only thing she has to offer is sex.

 It is also hilarious hearing this from women who have slept with virtually every man; who are they fooling? Some of these ladies masturbate behind closed doors and expect men to keep their hands off them when they have a long sexual history themselves.

3.I am waiting for the perfect man
 Some ladies say this when they are accounting for the reason why they are still single. That wait is going to be a long one; there is no perfect man in the world. The ladies looking for perfection in men are also flawed.

 Every woman is expected to work on her man and not wait for some finished product. Perfection is an unattainable feat to mortals, it would be good for the ladies to know this as soon as possible.

4. Guys are a huge distraction
 Another excuse ladies come up with when they are trying to justify the reason why they are single is this. While many ladies say men are a big distraction to them, the girls younger than them are married and moving forward in life. Although God’s time is the best, it would be good for the ladies to give other reasons that would be better than this.

5. I just don’t want to be in one
 Many times, ladies say they do not want to be in a relationship and would prefer to remain single. The truth of the matter is that there has to be something wrong with that lady. She might have had a very bad experience with men at an early stage or might have been victim of sexual violence at one point in her life or the other.

 Either way, it does not sound natural for a lady who has clocked thirty-three to give an excuse like this. It would be nice for ladies like these to go for deliverance.

6. They are players
 It is annoying hearing ladies give this excuse. Not every man out there is a player. The fact that they must have had one or two bad times with men does not mean every guy they meet after then would be just like that.

 This is fallacy of generalization! For a lady to have concluded that men are players, she must have presented herself to them as an object that could be tossed and played on.

7. Relationship is not meant for everyone
Some ladies come up with this excuse when asked why they are still single. If you take your time to sit down with ladies that say this, you will understand that they have probably had enough experiences or have lived close to people who have seen hell in relationships. This could be the basis of their mentality.

Either way, marriage is considered to be a black market and you never can guess what you are getting into until you are in. But the ladies would still have to try getting into a relationship before they shut their hearts forever.

culled from Naij