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Friday, 20 May 2016

Pepperment Oil - Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil

  - Peppermint oil is extracted from its Plant .It is scientifically proven that this oil is very good for your health and skin as well.


 Peppermint is one of the famous herbs which can be used to add aroma in your cosmetic items
Below are the Some of the Numerous Health Benefit of Peppermint Oil-

1.Improve digestive system: 
Peppermint oil is very helpful for the people who are suffering from the digestion problem. You can use a few drops of oil in a glass of water, mix it well and drink it after every meal. This will help to improve your digestion, which is good for a healthy body and mind.

2.Improves.Dental Care: 
This oil can be also used in dental care by various dentists, because of its antiseptic property. This is very good to kill the bacteria of your teeth and gums and also eliminate the bad breath and give a cooling sensation to your mouth.

3.Nail care:  
It also has antifungal property which helps to kill fungal bacterial of your nails. And also reduce the risk of nail infection.

3.Heals Urinary tract infection:  
From the ancient time this herb can be used to get relief from various skins related problems and one of them are urinary tract infections. Because of its antibacterial property, this oil will help you to get relief from this infection, which may be harmed, your body.

4.Aids in Pain Relief: 
This oil is only for the external use and really helps to get relief from the muscle and body pain. So if you are suffering from a bad headache, muscle pain, or even from period pain, then this oil is the perfect solution for you.

5.Improves Skin Care: 
Because of its cooling sensation this oil is really helpful to get relief from various skin related problems like rashes, infections, burn skin, minor cuts, itching and many other skin issues.
6.Improves Hair care: 
This oil is also good for your hair. You can add a few drops of oil in your shampoo and it will give a cooling sensation to your scalp which helps to get relief from dry scalp, itchiness, dandruff and many other hairs related problems.