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Friday, 13 May 2016

6 Tips To Having a Healthy Finger Nails

  Having well-kept and beautiful nails is almost a necessity for every woman hoping to make a lasting impression at first sight. You use your hands very often when you meet people and just as it is expedient you dress the part, your nails must not be left out.
Here are 6 tips Based on Eve Magazine to having nails the envy of your friends:

1. Stop biting your Nails This habit is one of the most common among people and it’s almost a subconscious action for many. Bitten nails show that you are rough and unkempt. Also, you could injure yourself and with the mouth housing lots of bacteria, you might just get infected.

2. Clip and file your nailsIdeally, your nails shouldn’t extend over your fingers so always cut when they are growing out of range. Use a file to even out and give them a good shape especially on the edges. A lot of people prefer using razor blades to cut their nails but this is not advisable and could be very dangerous.

3. Keep nails clean and dry The recent outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease helped to highlight the importance of constant hand washing and use of hand sanitizers but apparently, many people have stopped washing their hands. You need to have good hand hygiene. This prevents bacteria and dirt from hiding under your fingers. When you use hand moisturizers or sanitizers, rub them into fingernails and cuticles.

4. Do not pull off “hang nails”.It is advisable you don’t just pull you nails off when they hang at the edge because you might just pull along some skin which could be painful and result into an injury.

5. Prevent excessive exposure to water For the mothers and other ladies, you should wear protective gloves when you wash dishes and the children’s clothes.

6. Get a professional touch It is good also for you to once in a while visit the salon or spa where you can get your nails cleaned, treated and painted.

culled from evemag