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Monday, 23 May 2016

Personal Development - 5 Ultimate ways to deal with anger

Anger is a Negative emotion that can kick you into survival mood if not managed properly.


  People kill or commit suicide due to anger, but they are derived ways to deal with it before it can control of you.
See below  5 Ultimate ways to deal with anger.

1.) Avoid negative people.
  Be mindful of the company you keep or how much stuff you read online to be able to deal with anger. You have to realize that they are people filled with negativity always .. You have to come to a conclusion that staying away or avoiding such people will keep you sane. Instead,replaced them with positive-thinking and happy people. This will make your my life much better.

2.) Count 1-100.
  This may sound cliché or old school but trust me, it works! At least, it is working. Whenever someone or something gets you upset to a point you can't think straight, manage to count 1- 100 and before you get to 40, you will find yourself calmed down. Do it slowly and focus on the numbers and see experience the magic.

3.) Walking away.
  Walking out of an argument doesn't mean you lost or you don’t know what you are saying. Walking out simply means you don't want that simple/heated argument to get physical or worse. Always have self-control especially around people or partner. This means be willing to leave an area full of hate and negativity because you can't stand it any longer.

4.) Go boxing, swimming or some other sporting activity.
  When you are so anger that you feel like hitting someone ,leave the house and go get swimining in the pool, or go to the gym It not something you would want to do but after you do it, it will saved you.  For my close friend, he goes boxing. Instead of punching someone's face, he hits the boxing bag. It’s a good therapy for anger.

5.) Attend Anger management classes.
  Its therapeutic. Go seek help from this facilities or visit your priest/pastor, they can help you think and if you can think, you can get your self control back, no matter how crazy the situation is.