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Saturday, 7 May 2016

4 Amazing Qualities Of An Approachable Lady

When was the last time a quality man approached you? Do men regularly initiate conversation with you?

  You could be one of the most adorable lady but have you paid close attention to your countenance, if it’s has a serious, unfriendly countenance you have on, this can put men off. Inspired by Diamond Woman These are 4 amazing qualities of an Approachable Lady:

 1   Put on a Smile – 
   There is a popular saying that, “you are never fully dressed until you smile”. This is so true! When you put on a smile, it makes people around you comfortable and interprets you aren’t an unhappy lady. Having a smile on is contagious and catchy, it gives quality men a clue that they will not be snubbed if they approach you for a conversation. Therefore, always put on a smile!

 2  Be available – 
   Ladies usually make a common mistake overtime by always hanging out in groups with their female friends. While that is not a problem, they unconsciously stick only to their group while they are out.  Women who only hang out in groups are less likely to be approached by quality men. Men find it’s easier to approach a girl on her own than with a group of friends. If he is rejected or snubbed, then he won’t have to feel embarrassed in front of all her friends. Therefore, if you go out with your friends always try to spend some time on your own, a quality man may just want such a magic moment to approach you!

3. Your body language – 
   Sweetheart your body language needs to show that you are available. Lots of attractive, successful men are scared to walk up to a beautiful woman and say hello because they have been rudely shut down by beautiful ladies in the past. These quality men don’t like an embarrassing scene or being turned down, so they dread making the move. Therefore, to attract a man to you, have a good body language: a good countenance (not a frown), uncrossed arms and looking up with a cute smile.

4. You can make the first move –  
   There is no crime in doing this. It’s been observed that some single, quality men are naturally shy! You don’t have to start chasing a man but when you identify a quality, shy man that seems to be interested in you, then you can brace up and make the first move. This doesn’t make you cheap. Therefore, give him lots of eye contact, smile casually (and not seductively) and say hello to initiate conversation with him. You can give him a light compliment on something he has on or holding with him. Naturally, he will loosen up and the conversation will begin.

you can follow the practical ways mentioned above to attract a man’s attention to you.
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