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Sunday, 1 May 2016

3 Ultimate Ways to Preserve Your Fertility

 Delay for Having Babies for Women are due to many reasons, including higher education pursuit, career pursuit, or because they have not found the right partner.
 For every beautiful lady thinking about getting pregnant later in life, you need to take certain steps right now to help keep your body in peak baby-making shape. These are the amazing ways to preserve your fertility:

*Protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Diseases
 It is estimated that a quarter of all fertility problems are caused by the effects of STDs.  For example, Chlamydia can lie completely undetected with no symptoms and end up blocking fallopian tubes if not diagnosed and treated early on.  It is important to use barrier methods such as condoms until you are with a partner that you might want to have children with. This is the best way to protect yourself from STD’s.  Also endeavour to go for regular tests so that if you have contracted anything, then you can get early treatment in order to prevent it from becoming more serious.

*Live a healthy lifestyle
 A good way to protect your health and your fertility is to have regular exercise and eat a variety of nutritious foods with healthy fats in your diet, such as cold pressed oils, oily fish, plenty of vegetables each day. Women within a healthy weight range often find it easiest to conceive, while underweight and overweight women can have more difficulty getting pregnant. It’s been observed that half of pregnancies are unplanned, so it’s important to protect yourself and your unborn children by taking a daily multivitamin containing folic acid which is essential before and during pregnancy to prevent birth defects.
In addition, don’t forget to visit your doctor annually. Your doctor can diagnose any current or developing problems like obesity, depression, diabetes, and high blood pressure. These health conditions can develop when you are young and can cause problems for you later in life, including during pregnancy.

*Avoid Smoking
 Smoking accounts for 13% of the world’s infertility and ages you by 10 years in fertility terms – it’s very easy when you are young to think that it won’t have an impact later on, but it will.  Smokers are 30 per cent less fertile than non-smokers and three times more likely to take more than a year to get pregnant.  Ovarian function can be affected, interfering with the release of an egg and the womb lining can become thinner over time.  Smokers go into the menopause on average 3 years sooner than non-smokers and have lower fertilization rates in IVF.

culled from Diamondwoman