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Monday, 2 May 2016

Health and Fitness - 10 Healthy Eating Habits for Expectant Mothers

 If you can develop healthy eating habits you will be taking one big step forward to helping you achieve your goal of getting pregnant, eating a healthy diet when you are already pregnant or post-pregnancy when you are trying to get back into shape and lose .
 In order to become a ‘healthier you’, you must implement lifestyle choices that you can follow for life. It is important to remember that when you eat healthy foods you actually lose the desire to have that soft drink high in sugar or that high-fat burger. You continue to crave fruit and vegetables and nutritious foods.

Before you jump into any of the following recommendations be sure to check with your nutritionist which ones may not suit you due to certain factors such as allergies.

1.Select Healthy Treats and Avoid the Sugar!
Most of us love chocolates. So the next time you are buying chocolate look out for the dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa. If you must buy the ‘unhealthy’ option, then buy the small snack-size alternative. There are plenty of healthy treats available to you that can satisfy your sweet tooth. Once you learn to kick your sugar addiction then you will find enjoyment in eating healthy foods for your late afternoon or evening delight.

2.Choose Healthy Whole Grains Over Refined Alternatives.
There are many benefits whole grains offer far more nutrients and fibre than their refined ‘white’ varieties. Whole grains tend to have a lower GI (glycaemic index), as a result you often feel fuller for longer periods of time and can maintain your energy levels.

3.Have a Shopping List Before You Go Shopping!
There are too many temptations in a supermarket. These supermarkets have entire marketing departments whose job it is to create glossy attractive photos for products to entice you to buy on impulse. They also strategically place items at the checkout or on prime shelf position to catch your eye. How often have you been standing in a checkout waiting to pay when you have grabbed that snack bar or packet of lollies right in front of you? Your goal is to have a shopping list that will provide you with all the food you need for your week and to have the discipline to stick to it. if you do not have enough food in your pantry by the end of the week then you may fall into the bad habit of going and buying take-away.
4. Choose Healthy Cooking Methods.
While you are doing the right thing in selecting nutrient-dense foods you may be losing a lot of the benefits due to the way you cook. Deep-frying is one method you want to avoid due to extra calories. And try not to boil your vegetables until they lose their colour. So what should you do? Steam your vegetables to help retain a lot of the goodness.

 5. Don’t Eat Too Much – Eat Healthy Portion Sizes.
Often we can judge value for money by the quantity of food we get rather than the quality. Oversized plates, cups and packets give you the false belief that you should eat all that is on your plate. Change your oversize plate for a smaller one. Learn more about portion size so the next time you dish up your dinner you are not trying to cover the entire plate. Slow down when eating rather than trying to eat it all in a hurry.
6.Keeping a Record of Your Food Intake Can Help You Stay on Track.
The endless eating, constant snacking, over consumption of empty calories and eating of unhealthy foods provides a sobering picture as to why people are overweight. Your food diary does not need to be complicated or fancy. keep it simple and easy to understand for your nutritionist to decipher.

 7. Stop Eating Highly Processed Foods!
Most foods that come in plastic are also high in sugar, salt, added preservatives and additives, colourings, and contain a cocktail of chemicals that are not what we should accept going into our body. They are toxic and rather chemicals added to preserve the food.  In our fast-paced lifestyle we want everything ‘right now’ and that includes our food which is why we buy packaged foods; it is for their convenience and minimum amount of preparation time.
Your Healthy Habit should include these fresh foods from your local market:
    Vegetables • Lean meat •    Eggs and milk •    Fruits•    Nuts •    Legumes

8.Select the Healthy Option When Socializing.
Weddings, parties, conferences or family social gatherings is a time we often over indulge on food and alcohol. If you have a busy social life (or lots of social meetings for work) then try to; avoid the buffet meals; watch out for portion size; identify the healthy meals available; get your required serving of fruit and vegetables; and try to avoid the temptation of getting an entree or dessert.

 9.Stay Hydrated and Drink Plenty of Water.
In order to survive we require water. Water is important for our digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients and for the regulation of our body temperature. Try to keep a bottle of water by your side throughout the day. This will help ensure you are drinking plenty of water and when you feel the need to consume something grab your water bottle!
10. Learn to Read Menus and Select the Healthy Option when at a Restaurant.
We all like to socialize with family and friends and often this involves food. Sometimes this will result in you having to select your meal from a wide range of options on a menu at a cafe or restaurant. While tempting to always choose the sweetest tasting and appealing food you should look for the healthy options which can often be just as tasty. To avoid spur of the moment decisions you should try to look at the menu online and make a selection before you go to the restaurant.

culled from DiamondWoman