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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tips to remain Irresistible to your Partner

tips to remain irresistible
Are you worried that your partner is no more interested in you? Are you in despair because he has stopped sending you those romantic texts which makes you feel special and appreciated? Or you have gotten to that moment where its real difficult to turn him on and make him make sweet love to you? Worry no longer sweetheart, these are tips to help you remain irresistible to your partner:
  • Maintain a clean hygiene. Nothing turns a man off as when his partner has a body odour.  Keeping your body clean and keeping your appearance fresh and appealing can do wonders. Cultivate taking a shower after sweating for long intervals, remember this is Naija and light isn’t constant. Keeping dirt, oil and sweat at bay can keep you smelling fresh.
Shower in warm water with a lightly scented soap or shower gel. Afterwards, moisturize your facial and body skin with a product formulated for your skin type. Moisturizer helps promote healthy, glowing skin, which studies have shown can be a powerful form of attraction to your partner. Ensure you always apply roll on and body spray to smell fresh.

  • Dress for him.  Shun the misconception that because you already have your man, you don’t need to dress to impress him anymore but you rather stay in your pyjamas all day long. Take care to look fresh and clean and dress yourself in smart tube and nicely shaped pants.  Some women don’t think much about what they wear, with the excuse that they’re just not into the “latest” fashion. Or, they will dress nice when they go to church, or out with girlfriends, but not put much effort into how they look for “just my husband.”
But men can recognize “shabby” even if we can’t. And dress for him at night, too. Your husband might be majorly turned off by a “grandma” night gown or you tying wrapper around the house which resembles something his mother used to wear! So, it may be time to invest in some lingerie or just something ‘form flattering’ or feminine.

  • Encourage him. One of the things your man will find most attractive about you is knowing you are attracted to himA man wants to be around a woman who makes him feel like he’s appealing and charming. Let him know he’s a great provider, he is great at what he does, he can still get your heart racing; whatever it is that you can give him a compliment on. And mean it. A woman who uses kind words and sings her man’s praises is a woman he will come after and find real irresistible.

  • Display confidence. Always portray a sign of positive attitude, good self-esteem or confidence, men find this attractive in their spouses. Regardless of how you feel about your weight, body shape, “big knees,” “small buts or chest,” cellulite, or whatever, get over it. Honestly, he doesn’t see all the body flaws you think are so very obvious. Men tend to not analyse or critique our bodies nearly as much as we do.  When you smile often, you are also confident in your speech, your walk, your relationship with him and your role as his wife, he is going to find you irresistible.

  • Believe in Him
    There is nothing sexier to a man than a woman who truly believes in him. In fact, statistics have shown that if you believe in a man’s dreams, he will naturally be more attracted to you. It means making him know that you believe he can accomplish any good thing his heart desires, through this, you will turn him on in several magical ways.
    When you believe in him, motivate and encourage him, you make everything feel attainable to him. He will be able to accomplish those goals or aspirations he has and this will create a deep emotional bond and help build a strong, lasting marriage.

These amazing and sweet tips above will make you irresistible to your partner, rekindle your love, increase your happiness and affection for each other.