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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Health and Fitness :What You need to Know about Stress Management

 Stress is the response of the brain to any demanding situation and is characterized by the feeling of strain and pressure. A small amount of stress is actually needed and even helps if someone needs to work hard or react quickly, but if this exceeds the limit, it may be harmful.

Some of the factors that cause stress are:
  • Stress related to work, family and other daily responsibilities.
  • Stress caused by a sudden negative change, such as an illness or loss of job.
  • Stress experienced due to a major accident, war or a natural disaster.
People with stress and anxiety disorders are three to five times more likely to go to the doctor and six times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders than those who do not suffer from anxiety disorders.

1.Avoiding stress
A study, published in the journal Biological Psychology in 2014-15, revealed that people who take good care of their bodies tend to feel less stressed. A sudden onset of stress leads to a physiological response, such as straining of muscles all at once, as well as an increase in the heart rate or sweating.
The participants of the study who were not much affected by stress were capable of noticing their physical state much ahead of others - that is, they could control anxiety before it took a bigger shape.
Therefore, whether a person will be affected by stress depends on his or her ability to manage it tactfully. Although it is a somewhat complex concept, it definitely highlights the importance of stress management and mindfulness.

2.Toeing the line
A recent study says that all physical sensations arise from our toes and gradually move up to our head. This is what the body scan or mindfulness practice is based upon. In this, the practitioner alternates between a wide and narrow focus of attention - from focusing on the little toe to the entire body.
Hence, the body scan trains the mind to transition from a focused attention to a wider and more spacious awareness. It helps monitor the subtle physical shifts occurring in our bodies - it's a useful approach to a less stressful life. A body scan exercise helps achieve the following benefits:
  • Explore how to work with physical pain.
  • Establish a link between emotions and physical sensations.
  • Determine how to use physical sensations as a key to emotional state.
  • Open the door to greater mindfulness of the body.
It seems as if awareness, or holding sensations for a considerable period without reacting, helps us develop the capacity to notice our physical experience. With the body scan technique, we can heal our view of the body and come to terms with it, in a way that it does not erode our quality of life.

3.Path to recovery
Stress can be triggered by the pressure of everyday responsibilities and can cause a variety of symptoms, which can affect the overall health and well-being. No matter how big the stress is, one has a control over one's lifestyle, thoughts and emotions. Stress management involves taking steps to change the stressful situation or changing the reaction to it, as well as managing time for rest and relaxation.