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Monday, 4 April 2016

Personal relationships - 3 main difference between love and attachment


Love is often misinterpreted as different things including attachment. There’s obviously a real difference between love and simply being attached to someone.

Looking at these two things from a perspective will help you understand why they differ a lot though people tend to confuse them in romantic relationships.

1. Love focuses on mutual growth, attachment restricts

Love makes two people grow individually but together. It makes you become a better people each day and eventually be the best version of yourselves. Attachment on the other hand makes one partner unnecessarily dependent on the other; it makes this kind of relationship unhealthy.

2. Love is without ego, attachment is a bad ego-booster

Love is selfless and selflessness doesn’t breed ego. You see positive changes when you and your partner are with one another because you both know your weaknesses, vulnerabilities and communication is solid. Attachment is solely an ego match which will really be difficult for both of you in the long run.

3. Love liberates, attachment controls

Love allows you to be yourself and never prevents you from being who you are because your partner sees you for who you are. Attachment leads to control because there’s an unhealthy focus on one partner which doesn’t give them time to do what they want. Manipulation may come into play because you want them to bend to your will.