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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Health and Fitness: "Bipolar Disorder" Vital Signs You should not Ignor

 A bipolar disorder is a mental illness which causes a person to change often from being extremely excited to being very depressed. Many people exhibit mood swings, but it is not necessary that all these are bipolar cases; it could just be an upset mood. However, there are some signs of bipolar disorder which often go unnoticed.

Below are some vital signs that should not be ignored -

1.When someone feels extremely energetic, confident and jumpy for no apparent reason: Anyone can feel ecstatic at times for no reason. But, manic episodes stemming from a bipolar disorder is different. These extreme good moods can have a sway over the lives of people and impact sleep pattern and eating habits.

2.When somebody feels like spending money impulsively and indiscriminately: During manic episodes of bipolar disorder people tend to behave in an extremely risky manner like driving fast or spending money like hell. One is unable to discern what is good or bad. A person can end up spending heavily and wake up to a jolt later on when the episode subsides.

3.When somebody experiences extreme mood changes after missing on sleep: For anyone, missing sleep can cause a lot of irritation, and that is normal. However, for bipolar patients, losing on sleep can trigger mood swings and kick off manic episodes. It is important to monitor sleep patterns regularly for those who think that they have bipolar disorder.

4.When somebody feels highly energetic and extremely depressed at the same time: Bipolar people feel a mixed state most of the times which could be very dangerous. The National Institute of Mental Health says that a bipolar person may "feel very agitated, have trouble sleeping, experience major changes in appetite, and have suicidal thoughts. People in a mixed state may feel very sad or hopeless while at the same time feel extremely energized." These symptoms should be immediately reported to the doctor.

5.When the good and the bad moods get extremely worse: When the good mood changes to extreme good moods or the bad ones getting quite worse, then they are warning signs for bipolar. Such changes in mood should not be overlooked and one should see a psychiatrist at the earliest. One can go for the BPD residential treatment centers or other treatment programs the doctors deem fit for any patient.

6.When somebody drops an assignment in the middle and that too quite often: When a person frequently drops any work in the middle for mood swings, then it is a bit of a concern. Most likely they are unable to keep up with their inner mood upheavals and have to abandon a much doable project in the middle. This kind of a behavior needs immediate attention and reaching out for a psychiatrist is the best solution.
when you experience the above make adequate steps to visit a specialist for therapy immediately.