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Monday, 11 April 2016

Health and Fitness : 7 Tips for Achieving a Good Night Sleep

  Impaired sleep in particular could lead to significantly weaker immunity, accelerated tumor growth, bad memory and mental performance, and even a pre-diabetic state that will make you hungry and craving food more often.Sleep is an important cornerstone of good health. Even if you manage to maintain a healthy diet or physical activity, your wellness will greatly suffer from lack of adequate, restful sleep.

 Here are some natural tips :
  1. Get to bed as early as possible, as the body does most of its recharging from 11 pm to 1 in the morning. Get into a nightly routine, too, so your body will better recognize that it's time to get some shuteye. The key is consistency.

  2. Turn off or block out light. Sleep somewhere as dark as possible. Use curtains, blinds, or an eye mask to block out each stream of light, particularly if you live in an urban setting.

  3. Move electrical devices away from your bed, as they will give you a sudden jolt and interrupt your rest. Turn off your gadgets and the Wi-Fi an hour or so before preparing for bed.

  4. Reserve the bedroom for sleeping - if you can, keep the television set, laptop, or disruptive things and activities outside.

  5. Avoid coffee! If you must have it, drink your cup in the afternoon at the latest.

  6. Don't eat or drink anything within two hours of going to bed. This will reduce the need for you to get up and go to the bathroom. Give your digestive system enough time to rest and recuperate, and spare yourself from the carbs and sugars that will raise your blood sugar and delay your sleep time.

  7. Do something relaxing or sleep-promoting. This could include listening to relaxing music, reading a spiritual book, or journaling. The trick is to keep your mind from racing and harboring so many thoughts.
A high-quality sleep aid may also assist you in your quest for the best sleep ever.
Choose a sleep supplement that promotes sweet slumber through tried-and-tested natural ingredients such as gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA), passion flower herb, and the natural hormone melatonin. Nootropics, too, can be paired with relaxant in these supplements and enhance your cognitive skills and brain functioning while helping you get the sleep you need.
You deserve a good night's sleep. Never sacrifice this important aspect of health for anything, even for success in your career or other life pursuits. Pay good attention to the amount and quality of your sleep and you will get properly rewarded.