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Sunday, 10 April 2016

For Ladies : 4 Tips to make a Guy want you More!

 If you do start dating the right guy, then you have to worry about keeping his interest up and keeping that head of his from turning. Basically, us guys can truly be a frustrating mess. - But what if you knew the types of things you could do to make your guy want you more?

1.Go All Out
By "go all out" I simply mean this. It's Friday. You both are ready for the weekend. You've planned on going out on a nice dinner date. Well, make it a point to look as nice as you possibly can. - Not that you wouldn't anyway, but don't just get complacent. If you are wondering how to make a guy want you more, this is hands down one of the easiest ways to do so.
Don't just dress nice, smell nice. Guys love a woman who smells awesome... So be sure to smell awesome!

2.Don't Respond to His Text Right Away
If you want to make a guy want you more, never reply to his text messages right away. Here's why. By waiting to respond, your fella' will be wondering what you are up to. He'll literally have you on his mind from the time he texts you until the time that you decide to respond. - And I think that you want to be on his mind right?

3.Give Him a Little Space
In relationships, both men and women need space. It's just healthy.
Without space, we can quickly grow tired of each other. Think about it like ice cream. Most people love ice cream. However, if you were forced to eat it all friggin' day long, you'd probably get sick and want to vomit right? So don't let your guy be like ice cream. Don't have him all day long, get sick and want to vomit. That's a pretty crazy analogy I know.

4.Give Him Those Looks
If you want to know the secret women on how to make a guy want you more, simply look at him in those special kinds of ways. Us men fall for those looks all the time. The puppy-eyed look, the sexy look (of course) and the "biting your lip and waving as you say goodbye" look. Men aren't mentally equipped to defend against these looks.