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Monday, 25 April 2016

5 reasons introverts are extremely attractive

most people find introverts attractive for different reasons.
 People have different opinions of introverts but being sexy and awkward is one of them.
It could be due to the kind of mystery they build around themselves or because they know how to pay attention to details amongst numerous good qualities they possess.

Inspired by All Women stalk, here are 5 reasons introverts are extremely attractive
1. They think before speaking.
Introverts are mindful of other people’s feelings so they carefully choose the words they say. It can be a good or bad thing but the unpredictability of introverts makes them attractive.
2. Introverts are good listeners.
Introverts are very good at listening because they speak less. Having an introvert as a friend at least would really help you.

3. They are mysterious.
Introverts look mysterious to other people. They keep to themselves a lot though it looks like they are thinking about things that aren’t too important. People try to get to them to understand what they are thinking which could be a major turn on.
4.  There’s a sexy dreamy quality about them.
Introverts love to dream. They could dream for a long time if left alone, but if they channel those dreams the right way, they’ll get what they desire which is incredibly sexy.
5. They are passionate about what they feel.
Introverts can be the best when motivated. This can be as a result of something they feel strongly about. Their passion is simply sexy.

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