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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

5 efficient sleeping habits

  Getting enough sleep can’t be over emphasized when it comes to being healthy. The best workout routine and diet won’t work maximally without proper sleep. Thus, here are five ways to sleep more efficiently.

Good diet:

 It’s just as important to eat right at night, as it is in the morning. As far as a pre-bed snack, stay away from carb-heavy fatty foods. Instead, try a high-protein, low-carb snack like a bowl of cottage cheese and berries. Also, watch the drinks. Avoid coffee and take alcohol moderately. 

Sleep on time: 
 There is a reason why the sun is out during the day and down in the night. Our hormones pick up day and night cycles, and you'll get the most rest once the sun is down. Going to sleep at a reasonable hour can help regulate melatonin levels. Sleeping in the a.m won’t help because your body realizes the day has begun. 


 Magnesium supplements are a natural sedative, which help to activate the GABA receptors in your brain that are important in developing sleep patterns. Taking the pill is a great way to guarantee a good night’s sleep. 

No blue light: 

 To get quality sleep, avoid the usage of your computer with it’s bad blue light. If you must work, try getting the free app called f.lux. The application slowly turns the blue in your screen down as day becomes night, stopping  your brain from being tricked into thinking it's still daytime.

Sleeping in darkness: 

 Finally, the darker the room, the better the sleep. As soon as your body senses light, it immediately starts to wake itself up. The faintest amount of light will wake you mildly, making it hard to fall into a deep sleep. We have pigments in our skin that can detect light and set our body in motion to rise. So turn down all the lights and get some deep quality night rest.